August 18, 2018

sweet lemon

My younger sister didn't quite get why I bought the domain. Simple, I said. Millennial woman brand recognition. Well, okay, she said. But won't people think you're just copying the previous website?

Nah, I replied. Rebranding can work wonders. It wasn't even going to be the same thing.

Well, whatever. She shrugged. Have fun.

And I did have plans for the site but ultimately I decided to focus on other things. When I decided I wanted to scream into the void online via blog I thought about branding, what to name it, etc. I decided to stick with the Sweet Lemon since I already had it set up the branding, social media accounts (I really don't plan on using them), and all that jazz. Looking back on it the branding was a little much with bright tropical colors, flowers, and yes, some lemons. Yeah, I need to totally rework the branding or at least get rid of the some of the colors because the more I look at it the more my retinas burn.

One of my favorite times in my life was when I ran a very small personal blog in my early to mid-20s. I would spy on my neighbors and write of their comings and goings as if they were Soviet embassy employees. I wrote about the excitement of finding an Anthropologie quilt for a mere $20 at a discount store. Looking back it's hysterical to see how naive I was about life or what simple things brought me joy.

So Sweet Lemon: without the tart, life just ain't as sweet. 

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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