August 10, 2018

on the agenda: agendas

Like every other basic girl in this country, I am mildly obsessed with finding the "perfect" planner. Usually this just means getting the latest Lilly Pulitzer planner two months before I can even use it. I picked out the turtle pattern this year. I've been using a Lilly planner since college and while I've tried others I always go back to my old colorful faithful.

In the past few years there's been all sorts of shit floating around like bullet journals or the scrapbooks that parade as agendas. I don't hate either idea but neither are my cup of tea. I do a little bit of color coding but that's the extent of my decorating. Red for Caps games, Green for the local hockey team. Black/Blue is for work stuff, pink is personal. I mean, I already have a Lilly so I don't need much more color in my schedule.

What really grinds my gears are the planners themselves. Not the formats, some people have a much more scheduled day than I so they'll need something closer to an appointment book than a Lilly. It's the extras that planners are now featuring. Water intake. Exercise minutes. Meals. GRATITUDE. "Inspirational" quotes. Tracking your money. I don't need all that shit but every damn planner is starting to include it.

Folks, I just want to track my meetings for work and when the Caps play the Habs. Because I think mindfulness is a fucking joke, I don't give a shit about daily gratitude. I don't need to track my water. Is this maybe why planners are getting so damn expensive? You used to be able to buy a nice simple one a Target for like ten bucks. But ever since the exercise and water trackers were added they're now $20.

I rue the day that Lilly ever succumbs to that gratitude devil.


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